Study The Qualities Of Incisor Teeth According To The Time Of Eruption As Mentioned In Kashyapa Samhita In The Age Group Of 4-6 Months

  • Mahesh Bhilare P.G. scholar Dept. of Kaumarabhrutya, B.V.D.U. College of Ayurveda, pune
  • Preetham Pai Associate Professor Dept. of Kaumarabhrutya, B.V.D.U. College of Ayurveda,pune
Keywords: Ghundant, Pratipasch, Malagrahinasch, Teeth


Acharya kashyapa has explained the qualities of teeth according to age of eruption.If teeth erupt early then they decay early, are afflicted with various diseases they get dirty,discolored,crooked,split broken,irregular and protruberant. According to the modern science due to improper feeding techniques such as bottle feeding, and not maintaining dental hygiene, indulgence in carbohydrate rich food many babies suffer from dental caries at young age. Hence a study of the age of eruption of teeth and its relation to normal and abnormal qualities of teeth will help in detecting dental diseases at an early stage.


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