Effectiveness of Yogic Exercises on Mental Fatigue and Frustration Tolerance of College Students

  • Anita Nangia Assistant Professor Dev Samaj College of Education, Sector 36-B, Chandigarh
  • Ashu . Yoga Instructor, Brahmrishi Yoga Training College, Chandigarh
Keywords: Yogic Exercises, Mental Fatigue, Frustration Tolerance, College Students


In recent times education is crumbled because of the absence of accord between the mind, intellect, soul and body. These are the factors of a whole man. In such a situation yoga helps the man to integrate body, mind, intellect and spirit. This study attempted to get the answers of the following research questions. Whether the students suffer mental fatigue and are frustrated in their lives?  How students are able to cope up with mental fatigue caused by frustration? Is yoga beneficial for students that help them to tolerate frustration and overcome mental fatigue? The study was conducted with the help of an experiment. ‘Pretest - Posttest Control Group Design’ was used to study and match the scores of two groups. ‘Experimental Group’ was given treatment in the form course of yogic exercises (Brahmari Pranayam, Ajapajap, Meditation, Tadasan, Garudasan, Padamasan and Vajrasan) and Control group was not exposed to any type of treatment. There was one independent variable i.e. Course of yogic exercises and two dependent variables i.e. Mental Fatigue and Frustration Tolerance. The results showed that Yogic Exercises are very effective in increasing frustration tolerance and reducing mental fatigue among college students.