Achievement in Different Skills of English Language in relation to Gender and Locality of the School of Class III Students

  • Richa Sharma Associate Professor Dev Samaj College Of Education Chandigarh
Keywords: language, learning, English, Achievement.


The present study investigates the achievement of students in different skills of English in relation to gender and locality of the school.  2935 Primary school students' of class 3 (1466 Boys and 1469 Girls) studying in 36 Government Schools (urban and rural) in Chandigarh U.T. have been taken as a parameter of achievement. One on one testing of Reading and speaking skills of the students were tested. A test booklet was developed and standardized and consisted of multiple choice type and descriptive test items. The items were designed to measure different learning out comes such as textual knowledge, awareness, observation, thinking, listening, reading, writing and value based skills of students. Findings indicate significant difference in mean scores in listening, writing and speaking skills in English between girls and boys in favour of girls. Also students of urban locality were found to be better in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills of English as well as knowledge and understanding of their textbook than their counterparts in rural locality.    


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