Ethnicity to Modernity: Transformation of different Tribes of North East India

  • Lachit Baruah Associate Professor, Department of History Furkating College, P.O. Furkating, Dist. Golaghat (Assam)
Keywords: North East India, transformation & ethnic identity.


            The North Eastern states are the homeland of many different tribes. In different course of time they are migrated from different places of India and South East Asia. Some tribes have been  living in North Eastern states of India from the pre historic period. They had their own socio-political set up and culture. In due course of time some major groups formed their own tribal states. Almost all the tribes of North East India have their own ethnic identity till the advent of the British. The journey towards modern lifestyle begins under the British role. After independent many factors have deep impact in the journey of tribal people towards modernity. In this research paper all these aspects are discussed.