Universal Basic Income :A Case for India

  • Archana Mishra Associate Professor in Economics SSDPC Girls PG College, Roorkee, Uttarakhand
Keywords: Basic Income, Social Justice, Unemployment, Poverty Alleviation


In recent years, a basic income or universal basic income has emerged as an effective form of social security. It is being viewed globally as a measure, of combating poverty and ensuring social justice and has caught the attention of economists, social thinkers and politicians alike. Basic income,by investing in the freedom of individuals, presents itself as a powerful tool of empowerment of the poor and deprived. Various experiments in the UBI conducted around the globe also provide valuable insight about taking the idea of UBI forward to newer and larger territories. In India also, the idea of UBI is being seen as ideologically justified and politically lucrative powerful tool for addressing problems of poverty, widespread unemployment and distributional justice.


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