Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor by Using PI and PID Controller

  • Nilabh Milan
  • Sanjay Jain
Keywords: Proportional Controller, Proportional Integral Controller, Proportional Derivative Controller, Induction Motor


The electric drives are used in many industries for controlling the moving applications. Due to their extensive use of it is observed that around 70% of electric power consumption is encompassed by their applications. The drives comprises of mainly AC and DC drives. Good efficiency, efficient performance, simplicity and rugged construction are the main causes of these drives for gaining continuously growing attention as well as popularity.  They show wide applications like paper miles, robotics, steel miles, servos, transportation system, elevators, machines tools. The induction motor is an attractive piece of equipment in many industrial application due to its ease of speed controllability. So this paper implements the speed control strategy of induction motor in both in open and closed loop system using PI and PID controllers.