Analysis for Wind and Seismic Loading in Symmetrical High Rise Structure as Per Seismic New Revised Codes (IS 875-2015 (Part 3) And IS 1893-2016)

  • Devesh M Bhende
  • Uday A Patil
  • Aditya Suroshe
  • Kamal Gangapurwar
  • Ravi kant Kapse
  • Ruchika Sahare
  • Sanjay Bhadke
Keywords: Multistoreyed building, Limit State Design, STAAD.Pro, wind load and seismic loads.


The objective of this project is to analyse a high rise building [G + 10(3 dimensional frame)] using STAAD Pro.The project involves the manual calculation of loads and  analysing it by using STAAD Pro. The methods used in STAAD-Pro analysis are Limit State Design conforming to Indian Standard Code of Practice. STAAD.Pro provides the visualization tools, powerful analysis and design engines with advanced element and  analysis capabilities. STAAD.Pro is one of the best choice for analysis and design for the  visualization and result verification, from model generation. The main objective of this study is to carry out the analysis of high rise structure against earthquake and seismic loads as per Indian standard codes of practice IS 1893(Part 1):2016 and IS 875(Part 1,2,3):2015. The structure has self-weight, dead load, live load, wind load and seismic loads. Wind speeds, design wind pressure, loads to the building are calculated using IS 875(Part 1, 2, 3):2016. Seismic loads are calculated using IS 1893 (Part 1):2016.