Study & Analysis of wire rolling process in drawing operation to modify power transmission system

  • G.M. Dhote
  • Vedang Keote
  • Harshal Raut
  • Gaurav Ninawe
  • Mahesh Kolte
  • Swapnil Bhutmare
  • Aishwary Tarale
Keywords: Torque,Force,Study and analysis


The aim of this project worked is to analyze and redesign a machine to upgrade it to expand its manufacturing capabilities. With the Vinayaka Industry, Nagpur being an excellent metal wire producer, this machine required redesign to meet their quality standards Their current machine set-up could not properly produce material at its largest incoming material size of 16 mm. The technical team at the Vinayaka Industry had a general idea of how they thought the machine could be upgraded. Our project group worked together with the Vinayaka Industry to gather all the details of the necessary capabilities the machine must possess. From there, We havebegan designing upgrades to the machine including the larger bull drum. We have used calculations to ensure these changes did not compromise any of the machine's components. We calculated the maximum draw force needed to pull the 16mm diameter wire. Using the results, calculations were completed to find the maximum torque that will be put onto the gearbox and motor of the machine. These results were then compared to the published torque curve by the manufacturer for both the gearbox and motor. With all changes implemented, the machine worked as planned and allowed the machine to roll more than 16mm diameter of wire material without surface defects from improper setup.