Smart Lightning System using Home Automation and IOT

  • Sagar Gurao
  • Pratiksha Menghar
  • Anjali Bhaik
  • Pooja Kubde
  • Deepali Meshram
Keywords: Home Automation, Blynk, Google Assistant, IFTTT server, Internet of Things, Wemos D1 R2 (ESP 8266), Smartphone.


The advancement in the recent years in Smart Home Automation System and technologies has made human life more uncomplicated and effortless  than as compared to normal life. Manual system has been replaced by self acute and intelligent automated systems. The internet which is easily available anywhere has made these systems most useful part of our life, which pushes smart devices and technologies such as IOT  to be used in their daily practices.  This smart lightning system using automation techniques and  Internet of things allows the users those who are located remotely to control the devices and the underlying electrical appliances  in their homes, campus and offices using a simple android app called Blynk and IFTTT server. The system makes use of android app using WI-FI to control the devices using internet. The electric appliances in our home can be easily controlled from a remote place and user can operate these devices using voice commands by IFTTT based google assistant system. The important aim of this project is to design a small smart home automation system that allows the peoples to control all the devices in their home from their current places.