Coverage of International News Content in Indian English Dailies (A Study based on news vis-a-vis views classification in The Tribune, Hindustan Times, The Times of India & The Indian Express)

  • Vijayta Taneja Assistant Professor, Journalism & Mass Communication Lyallpur Khalsa College , Jalandhar
Keywords: Articles, Editorials, , Features, International news coverage, Perspectives


The agenda setting function of news media is always held responsible for grabbing the attention of masses towards various local, regional, national as well as international issues. The Indian English print media, in this context occupies a special place, as it is the medium which has been gaining momentum in India even though its readership has been on decline in Western nations. The international news content reported in Indian English dailies in the form of news, articles, features and editorials frames the perspectives on international  issues in the mind of its readers. Although the news stories constitute the best format to inform the masses about the international happenings, but the various newspaper formats i.e. editorials, articles, features etc. play a significant role in creating an opinion on the issues reported through news stories. This research paper explores the type of formats and the space accorded to those formats through which the international issues reach the Indian readers. The two newspapers The Times of India(1838) and The Tribune(1881) which are reminiscence of first and second halves of 19th Century and two other ones. The Hindustan Times(1924) and The Indian Express(1931) bearing testimony to first half of 20th Century when country was struggling hard to throw away the British from the country, have been explored here for their international importance. It has been quite significant and interesting to note down and analyze the quantum of international coverage in these newspapers.             


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