Amitav Ghosh’s Countdown: A Post –Colonial Analysis

  • Salila Samal Lecturer in English, Itamati Collage of Education and Technology Itamati, Nayagada, Odisha
Keywords: Post-colonial, Nuclear Test, Pokharan, Non-fiction and Diaspora.


The non-fiction of Amitav Ghosh is like his fiction which is analysed on the post-colonial perspectives as these writings deal with the problems of India arise out of the colonial rules. Ghosh was primarily a journalist and was writing columns in The India Express. Apart from that he is a historian to fictionalize history in his novels rendering a touch of research. In the present paper Ghosh’s Countdown published just after the India’s Pokharan nuclear test in 1998 which deeply influenced Indo-Pak relation. The writer analyses the problems of the test the connection of economy and international relation of India.