Ict Integrated Co-Operative Learning In Accountancy Teaching -A Status Study

  • M.P.V. Jothi Research Scholar, School of Pedagogical Science, Kannur University
Keywords: ICT and Co-operative learning.


             Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is considered as an efficient way for teaching any subject through co-operative learning. Recent studies emphasize that the computer can play an important role in a teaching surroundings based on co-operative learning strategy. Accountancy as a subject at higher secondary level is considered as difficult subject for most of the students. The pedagogical strategies adopted by the teacher may be one of the reasons for these difficulties. The present study is an attempt to find out the current practices of teachers while teaching accountancy subject and their various practices used. The sample consisted of 25 higher secondary commerce teachers in Kannur District. The Survey method was adopted for the study. Questionnaire regarding the use of ICT was used for the data collection to find out the ICT usage in Accountancy teaching. The result of the present study shows that use of ICT in accountancy classroom is average level and it depends up on the subject matter.


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