Socio-Economic Condition and Environmental Degradation of Urban Slums-A Case Study of Balurghat Municipality

  • Subham Dey Sarkar M.A. 1st Class 1st from Department of Geography & Applied Geography (2017) University of North Bengal
Keywords: Poverty, Sanitation, Waste disposal, Unhygienic


The continuous increase of India’s urban population give rise to the unprecedented growth of slums. Expanding urbanisation is exerting pressure on the provision of basic amenities and housing conditions which act as a triggering factor for growing Slum, a challenge for the governments around the developing countries. The existing slums of Balurghat Municipality and its present socio economic conditions as well as environmental degradation have been discussed in this paper. Out of 34 slums Chhinamasta Colony and Atrai colony of Balurghat Municipality has been chosen for the case study. Particular care is given to their environmental conditions especially sources of drinking water, sanitation facilities, waste disposal site, health status and so on. The main reason for the present study is that sprawling of slums is the biggest problems in any urban area. The slum dwellers often crowded in precarious locations which are acute denial of basic amenities. Thus if a proper management can be carried out Balurghat will achieve significant success in improving the dilapidated slums environmental conditions and improvement of the towns further operations.


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