Synchronising Quantitative and Qualitative Technological Expansion for Calibrating Quality Research Culture in Education

  • M.N. Mohamedunni Alias Musthafa Associate Professor, Department of Education, Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod
  • Rini E Stephen Research Scholar, Department of Education, Central University of Kerala
Keywords: Quality Research Culture, Technological Expansion


Information technology has invaded almost all spheres of human activity.  Academic research is experiencing a high-tech makeover, as well, and it matters more than most of us know.  Undoubtedly, it is a fact that the technological innovations in the field of research reduce the manual labor and time constraints of the researchers and makes the research activities easier. This easiness due to technological advancement attracts many young scholars to enter into the fields of research since they get support in all stages of their research. There are different technologies for collecting data, reviewing the related literature and analyzing the data.

          This paper attempts to explore how the innovative technological practices affect the quantity as well as the quality of the researcher and research, especially the quality dilution in the research in terms of data collection as well as data analysis and interpretation and even research writing. These questions require young researchers critically about the ethical issues concerned with the research related technologies. Therefore, this article analyzes what is currently being done with the research process in education and also other disciplines with or without technology use, and how these affect the self-development of the researcher and quality of research.


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