Definition of Quality of Life in abeyance

  • R. Dhamotharan, Research Scholar at Department of Economics, Annamalai University, Assistant professor Of Economics, Subbalakshmi lakshmipathy College of Science, Madurai-625022, Tamilnadu.
Keywords: Quality of Life, abeyance


The definition of quality of life did not considered uniformly by many of the academicians but its importance had been well thought-out uniformly. These controversies made a quality of life as critical or complex phenomenon to define it. The measurement of quality of life deliberate with three approaches namely alpha, beta and gamma. In recent decade, most of the academicians agreed with gamma approach by effectively quantifying the subjective things over and over again. This is because the level of QOL is closely associated with un-ended wants and needs. Moreover, it is a multidimensional Concept that the economic resources are not able to capture. At this juncture, the present paper not theoretically treated with the definition and measurement of quality of life but to precise the sense and measurement of quality of life to employ it successfully.


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