Poverty, Gender and Quality of Life: a deciphering needs of Earlier to resolve

  • R. Dhamotharan, Research Scholar at Department of Economics, Annamalai University, Assistant professor Of Economics, Subbalakshmi lakshmipathy College of Science, Madurai-625022, Tamilnadu.
Keywords: Poverty, Gender


India had unbeaten experience in reduction of poverty but we could not vouchsafe this on the level of quality of life. It is because of India’s improvement in Human development report. It had not been considered as much in the value of Human development report from 2011-13 rather than past. India had its rank 127 in Gender inequality index and the value was 0.563 for 2013 and 132 in Gender Development index with the range of Medium Human Development in both.  So the present article makes an attempt to valid the general question as to how the effect of poverty would register differences between women and men on their quality of life. The gender development only runs in the track of academic alone and it not only influences the quality of life of women and men only but also affects the prosperity of the society also. The rate of poverty among rural women was higher than rural men and the most of the poor in developing and developed nations were women. Moreover the economic changes mostly influenced the role of women and men and their behaviour to attain their expectations. So the effect of poverty had been emerged as a factor to influence the role of gender. It urges us for finding the root of making differences between women and men by the effect of poverty to improve the quality of life especially within the households. .


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