Sports Culture in India: A Gateway for Excellence in Higher Education

  • Anupma Garg Associate Professor Department of English S.S. D. P.C. Girls’ P. G. College Roorkee, Uttrakhand
Keywords: Indian games, sports, higher education, values


The German Philosopher Eugen Fink has remarked “Play is an oasis of happiness in the desert of so called serious life”.

            The history of sports and games is a part of the history of man as a social animal, his interrelations with other individuals and groups, his civilization and culture and specially his play.Game, defined in the oxford dictionary “is a form of competition activity or sport played according to rules.” The Merriam Webster dictionary defines sport “as something to amuse oneself.” India is the second most populous country in the world after China with more than 1.35 billion people. After having such a vast population, India’s performance in sports is not satisfactory after the independence. Moreover, India has a rich tradition of sports and physical fitness from its Vedic period. The epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata extolled the competitive success of their heroes in physical activities. With such a rich heritage of sports, today the youth of India can achieve excellence in higher education. Time to time many promotional schemes for sports are proposed, developed, executed and monitored by the Indian Government. Recently, the importance of sports and physical fitness has got the attention of the people and bureaucrats in India.


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