A Temporal Analysis of Population Growth & Its Associated Problems- A Case Study of Darjeeling District, West Bengal

  • Debarati Chowdhury M. A. in Geography & Applied Geography, University of North Bengal Guest Lecturer, Prasannadeb Women’s College, Jalpaiguri
Keywords: Anthropogenic, Immigration, Tourism, Deforestation


The growth of population implies the change in number of the inhabitants of a territory during a specific period of time. Continuous growth of population exerts pressure upon the economy of a society and the limited resources of any region. During the last few decades the district Darjeeling has witnessed tremendous growth of population. As a result, there is a great demand for goods and other resources. Itcreates considerable pressure on the society by making technological advances. It contributes over exploitation of natural resources.This paper attempts to evaluate the temporal analysis of population growth and highlights the associated problems regarding economic and environmental due to this growth. In this present case study the dimensions of population growth has been taken into account including population density, rural urban growth, subdivision wise population growth etc. The paper concludes with some feasible solutions to check the unparalleledgrowth of population in Darjeeling district.


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