Role of Annie Mascarene in the Freedom Movement in Travancore

  • Rajitha T. University of Kerala
Keywords: Travancore, Women, Travancore State Congress, Propaganda work, responsible government


Travancore was the southernmost native state of British India and comprised the present day lands of the southern part of Kerala and Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. The state courageously fought for responsible government in Travancore without caste, creed or sex.  The condition of women was more deplorable. Not even a single section of women occupied a favourable position then. Even their existence was neglected. They were confined to the four walls of their own home. At this juncture, Annie Mascarene entered into Travancore Politics ignoring all the social taboos inflicted upon women. She was an active Travancore State Congress leader who stood for the liberation of women both from colonial hegemony and traditional patriarchy. She reached into the forefront of the movement by suffering a lot of difficulties. She devoted her life for rendering services to the country.


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