Effect of three dosage forms of Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) on learning and memory: An Experimental study

  • Vaidehi Vasant Patankar
Keywords: Guduchi Swaras, Elevated plus maze , Radial Arm Maze, Anti- Amnesic activity , Spatial Learning `


In Ayurved, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is advocated as Medhya Rasayan (Cognitive enhancer).  It is emphasized to use fresh form of swaras of Guduchi (Extracted juice) to attain memory enhancing effect on human cognition. However Guduchi swaras(GS), has less shelf life and extreme bitter taste hence to overcome this lacunae Guduchi Kalpa (GK)  which sugar coated granule form and Guduchi ghrita (GG) i.e. medicated ghee from was prepared. By applying Ayurvedic standard protocols GS, GK and GG was formulated and Method of preparation were developed and validated through physicochemical analysis. To assess the effect of  these formulations Diazepam induced amnesia in Elevated plus maze (EPM) and spatial learning in Radial arm maze (RAM) animal models were used . For the assessment of anti amnesic activity ,  test drugs at the dose of GS 20ml/70kg, GK 40gm/70 kg and GG 40gm/70kg   were administered orally for 14 consecutive days. In EPM test, antiamnesic activity of three formulations of Guduchi is confirmed as decrease in transfer latency (TL) of animals and  Significant reversal of amnesia was noted in GK when compared against Induction control group. While in RAM test, GS and GK exhibited significant action on increase percentage of correct choices and  reduction in working and reference memory errors in comparison to GG at same dose level . Hence the present study has created an evidence of anti amnesic and  nootropic activity of GS and GK in Diazepam induced amnesia and Spatial learning in radial arm maze animal models.


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