Human Resources Management Practices In Modern World

  • Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite
Keywords: Modern HRM Practices, HRM, M-HRM, M-HR, M-WCE, M-BCE, modern world HRM practices


In Today’s modern world there was found changes in modern employees. Managing people in organizations at various levels is complicated. Employee is work for many reasons. White collar and blue collar employees or worker are work for short term and long term projects. Employees are come from various places, multiple skill ability. They learned various job skill or work skill for fulfilling his or her requirements such that earn money, happiness and like to helping to other. HR department or professional first choice is hiring best candidates. Employer doesn’t think about employees or worker of unselected candidates. In today’s M-HRM study found that companies are positive thinking about unselected candidate. Modern HR (M-HR) is facing complication of managing modern employees or worker. Yet! Modern white collar Employee (M-WCE) and Modern blue collar Employee (M-BCE) are smart and has multiple skills, work ability. Modern employee or worker has high skill and ability. Modern world organizations are looking smart, multi skill, physically as well as mentally strong employee. There is need of systematic management of such employee is important in Modern HRM practices. M-HRM (Modern Human Resources Management) practices refer to personal as well as organizational activities directed at managing the pool of regular & modern human resources and ensuring that the resources are employed towards the fulfillment overall growth. The purpose of this paper is to develop an understanding M-HRM Practices. It helps to all sectors for rethink and adding new modern technique that results growth in organization as well as human being.  


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