Study the efficacy of Triphala Guggul in Karna Srava

  • Shweta Nath 1PG Scholar, Department of shalakya tantra, B.V.D.U. College of Ayurved, Katraj, Pune411043
  • P.P. Diwan Ass. Professor. Department of Shalakya Tantra. College of Ayurveda ,Pune
  • G.B. Patil Lecturer ,Department of Shalakya Tantra .College of Ayurveda,Pune
Keywords: Triphala Guggul,Cefadroxil, Avarana, Karnasrava, Otitis externa ,ototmycosis, Otits Media.


Karnasrava is one of the most common diseases in clinical practice of E.N.T . Karnasrava is condition in which there is discharge from karna (ear) seen .It occurs mainly due to Avrana Vata Doshas. The disease karnasrava can be correlated with symptom of Otorrhoea which is seen in Otitis externa and Otitis Media. Otitis Externa (otomycosis) and Otitis Media being one of  the cause of Karnasrava was selected for the study. The present study was done on 20 patients of Karnasrava, who were grouped in to two with 10 patients in each group randomly. Group A was treated with Triphala Guggul 500mg and Group-B with Cefadroxil  500mg (standard control). The signs and symptoms were studied before and after treatment. Result of the study indicates that Triphala Guggul 500mg and Tb.Cefadroxil 500mg are significantly effective in all the signs and symptoms of Karnasrava (Otitis externa and Otitis media).


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