Efficacy of Guduchyadi Gel in Vaginal Candidiasis during Pregnancy

  • Shilpa V. P.G Scholar, Dept. of Prasuti tantra evum stree roga, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be university ) College of Ayurved, Pune
Keywords: Guduchi, triphala, Danti gel, vaginal candidiasis during pregnancy.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Vaginal candidiasis is fairly common during pregnancy due to various immunological and other physiological factors. Modern treatment for it entails many risks and other such limitations. It was decided to find out potential of ayurvedic formulation which is recommended in similar condition (a yoni-vyapad) with its economic feasibility as well as safety during pregnancy.

 METHODOLOGY:   The research was carried out at Prasuti tantra and Striroga vibhag of Bharati Vidyapeeth Ayurved Hospital, Dhankawadi , Pune-43, Single blind experimental (clinical) study , total 30 patients were enrolled and were given 2gm of Guduchyadi Gel  for vaginal application once a day for 7 days  with follow up after 7 days. If patient had complete relief ,treatment was stopped after 1 week and was observed for any signs of reccurance.

 RESULTS :Comparing the assessment criteria before and after treatment,   it was seen that there was significant action of drugs used in gel on vaginal candidiasis during pregnancy. Treatment showed no any adverse effects in present clinical trial.