Pilot Study on Efficacy of Vanshamula Rasakriya Varti Anjana in Blepharitis

  • Amruta Vasantrao Shinde PG Scholar, Department of shalakya tantr, B.V.D.U. College Of Ayurved, Katraj, Pune411043
  • D.B. Kadam HOD of Shalakyatantra Department B.V.D.U College Of Ayurved Katraj Pune 411043.
Keywords: Blepharitis, Praklinna Vartma, Vanshamula Rasakriya Varti, Anjana Karma.


Ayurveda is the basic life science which has great contribution to medical science. Blepharitis is very commonly seen in clinical ophthalmic practice and it is very disturbing in day to day. If left untreated can cause complications. Blepharitis may create various symptoms like accumulation of white dandruff like scales on the lid margin chronic irritation, itching, mild lacrimation, swelling of lid margin etc. Blepharitis can be corelated with Praklinna Vartma. Blepharitis was selected for study. The present study was done on 30 patients of Blepharitis and were grouped in 2 with 15 patients in each groups. The drug Vanshamula Rrasakriya Varti (Anjana) was selected for trial group and Chlorocol-H eye ointment as control drug in present research work. For evaluation of role of Vanshamula Rasakriya Varti Anjana in the management of Blepharitis a specialized Performa was prepared. Sign and symptoms were studied before and after treatment. Result of the study indicates that Vanshamula Rrasakriya Varti and Chlorocol-H eye ointment are significantly effective in all the signs and symptoms of blepharitis.


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