Using Technology to develop Communication Skills

  • B. Jaheer Assistant Professor of English Department of Humanities and sciences Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, New Boyanapally, Rajampet-516126 Andhra Pradesh
Keywords: Communication Skills


The widespread prevalence of technology in the modern era assigns some new roles and duties on the modern teacher. Now-a-days communication skills have gained supreme importance as far as the employability of the engineering students is concerned. The various tools offered by modern technology can promote the traditional teaching method to an advanced, effective, and interesting teaching method. The incorporation of technology in teaching in technical communication activates their interest in learning technical aspects of communication. The various tools such as blog, audio-video aids, web browsing increase the productivity of teaching.

Communication whether formal, informal or technical is a practical term and technology enables the instructor to generate professional communication skills among the students. In addition to this technology offers new ways of communication such as chat lines where people from all over the world can chat in the virtual world. Similarly, blogging offers new ways of expressing ideas. These modern ways of communication can be incorporated in the teaching of communication skills in such a way that their linguistic knowledge as well as communication skills is enhanced.

Apart from communication skills their language skills can also be developed with the help of technology. Language remains at the center of communication and therefore, with the help of different technological tools such as software created for the teaching purpose can be of immense help. With the communicative approach offered by the technological tools language can be learnt easily.


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