Micro Level Land Use Studies Using Google Earth image and GIS: A Case Study of Dotal Village, Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal

  • Jadab Chandra Halder Department of Geography, Assistant Professor, Gangarampur College, West Bengal, INDIA
Keywords: Land Use/Land Cover (LULC), Change Detection, Cadastral Map, Dotal Village, GE Image, GIS


Almost all developing countries like India are now facing with the problems related with the growing pressure of population to their limited available land resources. Thus accurate information of land use and land cover (LULC) has become one of the key factors for formulating and implementing of any developmental strategies in an administrative unit ranging from local scale to global scale. As a result LULC study has now brighten as a notable contemporary research field in order to maintain the sustainable development of a region. In order to assess the land resources and to analyze proper land use pattern, it is necessary to have an intensive study of the land use in every parcel of land, situated in a particular region. With the intention of the most benefits, the spatial variation in choice of land owners to use their lands gives birth to spatial pattern of land use. In this present research article, an endeavour has made to analyze of changing LULC pattern of a micro regional unit taking Dotal Village into consideration. This study is conducted based on the existing land use inventory and Google Earth image (GE image), one of the most potential open sources of image with high spatial resolution. Using cadastral map with plot boundaries as the base map and GIS as classification tool of GE image, existing LULC maps including change detection map have been prepared for two periods. The results explore that the arable land and forest land were remarkably decreased during the span of forty years while other uncultivated land excluding fallow land and area not available for cultivation were increased significantly.


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