Health Issues of Hairdressers and Application of Ergonomics

  • Sharvari Digambar Darekar Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology K.M.C.College, Khopoli
Keywords: hairdressers, skin diseased, musculoskeletal disease, respiratory diseases, ergonomics.


Every occupation has some or the other health issues which are due to its physiological and social impact on the person. Hairdressers are no exception to it. The current study intended to understand the health issues of the hairdressers and give solutions to their issues with the application of ergonomics. Researcher interviewed hairdressers and medical health practitioners to understand the health issues of hairdressers. Researcher enlisted the health issues of hairdressers and found that skin diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. are some of the common problems faced by the hairdressers. Further, study attempted to give solutions with the application of study of ergonomics to each of the problems faced by the people in hairdressing occupation.


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