Feminist Criticism in the Fiction of Jane Urquhart

  • Mumtaj Shaikh Assistant Professor Communication Skills NK Orchid College of Engineering and Technology, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • S.Y. Hongekar Principal , Vivekanand College, Kolhapur
Keywords: Feminist Criticism, Jane Urquhart


The present articles focuses on the women characters as they are portrayed in the select novels of Jane Urquhart, a Canadian Novelist. Urquhart portrays the women in the Mid Twentieth century in Canada. The women characters reflect the situation of the women in the society. Urquhart represents the various phases in the life of a woman, her feelings, sufferings, pangs of separation, mute sufferings and seclusion. Feminist perspective is noted in the novels of Jane Urquhart, though these women are shown to be suffering at the hands of society or family somewhere in their heart there is a revolt against the age old customs and norms that bind them. They emerge as small revolutionaries and sooner or later find an escape from the burdens that they carry and have a control over them.