Digital Information Literacy among the Engineering students of Kerala University

  • Nancy Waral All Saints’ College Trivandrum Kerala
Keywords: Digital information, digital technology, Engineering students, Information literacy, E- Resources, search engines


In response to new information and communication technologies (ICT) in education help the user to access the digital information globally. The digital information literacy helps the user to access, collect, synthesize and use the required and relevant information at the right time in the right way and the right form. The target sample selected for this study was six engineering colleges of Kerala University. This study assesses the “Digital Information Literacy among the Engineering students of Kerala University”. The main aim of the study is to find out the use of different search techniques and strategies, to evaluate the different types of digital resources used, to assess the frequency of using digital resources, to figure out the places and devices used to get the digital information and to assess the capacity of the students to search, locate, use and evaluate information. The result of the study demonstrates that Google and Web resources are the main digital sources used by the students. The Engineering students used digital resources for various purposes like to update subject knowledge, learning, access to a wide range of knowledge and to write assignments.


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