Glaring Migration Movements in India and Objective Indian Diaspora

  • C.B. Kamati Associate Professor in History K.L.E.Society’s Lingaraj College, Belgaum 590 001 Belgaum Dist. Karnataka State India
Keywords: Glaring Migration, Indian Diaspora


The 21st century Nations-States of the world is no longer independent or semi-indepen dent in identity.Among 186 nation states, all of them are heavily interdependent on each other for more civilised way of life. Globalisation of economies’ has further brought them innately closer to each other. The sprouting New Economic Order has promoted various professions’ to suit ever changing world order.The multi-talented professionalisation of opportunities has diluted national identies, paving way for migration of human resource to economically much-more comfortable , developed blocs of the contemporary world, causing greater damage to the countries, where the human resource was ingeniously fostered.On the other hand, the migrant human resource has produced multi-culturalism

,primarily due to the very amalgamation of alien cultures’ integrating the indigenous culture. Thus, globalisation of the nation-states, diaspora identity and multi-culturalism are cyclical in their very occurrence. This indispensable development has thrown-up quite a few issues before the nation states;

  • Retention of carefully fostered human resource and make them functional well within the natural frontiers’ ;
  • Promotion of adequate nationalist sensibility among the citizens’ through cautiously designed public and private programmes of national interest;
  • Systematisation of diaspora identity or communitarian oneness among the people of the Nation-State so as to integrate and solidify the nationalist spirit and sense, and keep the unity and honour of the Nation-State undamaged;
  • Internalisation of the pragmatic value of a multi-cultural state in concern to native people,and reciprocal contribution to the cultural sumptuousness of the globalised community of the world;
  • Application of multicultural-utilitarian means and modes of life, adhere to the maxim ‘ Think Globally and Act Locally’ in order to equip, elevate, emancipate, encompass the enviable standards that upgrade quality of life;
  • Evolution of a contemporaray mechanism to conserve natural resources and sustain long term utility potential of the indigenous natural resources ;and assist the cause of prosperous Diaspora Identity at the global pedestal;
  • Standardisation of already existing Quality checks’ to enhance coordination between infrastructure and inframatter of the nation state, and relentless efforts to heighten efficiency and aptitude in their functional aspect;continual evaluation and implement relevant strategies, provide afresh infrastructure and inframatter to move along the path of sustainable and flourishing growth as per global standards;

The ultimate aim of all measures is to ensure a multi-cultural, global identity to the Nation-State in ever changing global scenario. Undoubtedly, a formidable task to manoeuvre, requires post-modern commitment.


Glaring Migration, Indian Diaspora