Various teaching strategies used in the classroom transactions of accountancy in Higher secondary level

  • Vijayan K. Assistant Professor, DTE, NCERT, NEW DELHI
  • M.P.V. Jothi Research Scholar, School of Pedagogical Science, Kannur University
Keywords: Teaching strategy


Effective teaching is inspiring and memorable.  Teachers are said to be the mediators of the society in general and educational system in particular. It is a teacher who helps to change an individual into a person of mind, wisdom, individual love and enlightenment, and institution into lamppost of posterity, and the state into a learning society. In order to investigate to identify the various teaching strategies uses in higher secondary commerce classes in classroom transactions. The objective of the present study is to identify the various teaching strategies used by the commerce teachers in the classroom transaction of accountancy. The sample consists of 130 Higher Secondary School teachers in Accountancy from Kannur, Kasargod and Kozhikode Districts. The Survey method was adopted for the study and teaching strategies identification scale was used for data collection. The result of the present study shows that various teaching strategies are used in regular classroom transaction of teaching accountancy, even though cooperative learning strategies are innovative strategy. Teachers are not frequently using this effective strategy while teaching learning process.