A Study on Impact Of Promotional Campaign Effectiveness –An Empirical Study

  • Arvind Mallik Assistant Professor and PG student Department of MBA, PESITM Shivamogga-577201.Karanataka State. India
Keywords: Big Bazaar, Promotional, Sales, Marketing Strategies, effectiveness


The main objective of this study is to understand different promotional activities for networking more number of customers, and to understand product replenishment procedure. Company’s one of the strongest desire and the strength is, store location, merchandise management, and its promotional activities like big-day sales, monthly bachath sales, exchange offers, Wednesday Bazaar, low-cost sales etc. are the main strategies of the company. To get more number of foot-falls, the company has designed their selling strategy to its existing customers and also attracting new customers, by providing low-cost benefits, offers and discounts, cash-back offers etc. the impact of operation management inside the store is highly secured and floor spaces are well managed. the source of income or profits are generating from managing and maintaining customer relationship management by the company, once a customers are satisfied with the service-quality of the company and the products availability in the store will create the higher profit motive for an organization. The survey has been conducted on the basis of objectives of the study, respondents are saying that, they are very much satisfied with the selling measures handled by the staffs of the store. Costs saving measures are one of the best practice, when the customers are preferred for worthiest products or services by the company. The survey has been collected under collective opinion method, although the exploratory research design denotes the unique survey measures that are resulting with the appearance of the customers.


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