A Study on Entrepreneurial Traits among College Students in Kerala

  • P.M. Vishnu Assistant Professor On Contract, Aquinas College Edakochin
Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Traits, Persistence, Assertiveness, Persuasion.


Innovativeness, faith, risk taking mentality etc. has identified as essential traits required for an entrepreneur. The others also identified among student entrepreneurs but these should be improved by providing proper guidance and training. The government has to play vital role in formulation and implementation of policies for enhancing student entrepreneurship. These traits not inborn it is cultivated among students by experience, coaching and training. ED clubs must be reconstituted annually and training, work shop sessions should be conducted. As a country like India, we need entrepreneurs to overcome the problems of unemployment. The unemployment and under employment rate is quite high in India. If one person taken the role of entrepreneur then he can provide employment opportunity to others there by we can reduce the rate unemployment. The over population and study increases in number of educated youth in the country have made it virtually impossible for the government and private sector to provide employment opportunity to the growing section of the unemployment youth. In this context self-employed has assumed greater significance in India. Therefore, it’s the ideal time for the younger generation especially the college students of the country to be motivated to be self-employed for solving the major problem comforting the nation particularly unemployment. This study aims identify entrepreneurial traits among college students and conducted a survey from 500 students in Kerala.


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