Sociological conditioning of savings among Slum dwellers and beggars in Lucknow

  • Firdous Ahmad Malik Doctoral Fellow, Department of Economics, BBAU, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226025
  • D.K. Yadav Assistant Professor) Department of Economics, BBAU, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226025
  • Aparna Dixit Research Assistant, Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women's Studies, Noam Chomsky Complex, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025
Keywords: Theoretical, Savings, Poor, Banking, Institutional


Research has shown that poor people living in under developing countries are saving less, little is known about the responsible factors which influence savings of these poor urban groups.  The following study is based on Theoretical perspectivesfor examining the nature of savings among these vulnerable groups in Lucknow. Sociological perspective has been analysed in the study up on institutional mechanism (supply oriented approach) towards the marginal sections of the society. The responsible factors for low savings are due to monopoly based supply oriented banking discipline, financial illiteracy, income of the people etc. Findings of the paper suggests that poor people are worth to save and are saving, particularly if both the banking and institutional barriers are removed and made more inclusive so that poor people themselves try to come out from the problem of poverty.