A Study of RCC Silos Under Influence of Dynamic Loading In Accordance With IS-1893:2002

  • Ajay Chaubisa
Keywords: silo, displacement, response spectrum, equivalent static method.


A silo is a tall and big (heavy) structure for storing bulk materials. Silos are used in agriculture to store grains. These are more commonly used to store coal, fly ash, cement, carbon black, woodchips, ore, crushed stone, gravel, food products and sawdust.

Silos are special structures subjected to different static and dynamic loading conditions, which cause unusual failure modes. The Reimbert theory & Janseen’s theory is used for pressure calculation in static condition and theoretical approach for calculation of additional pressure due to seismic action. The standards viz. IS 1893-2002, ASCE 7-05, AIJ 2010 may be used for comparison of “Base Shear Force” at the bottom of a Silo.

The calculation is based on respective codal provisions applicable to Indian Seismic Zones, Site Conditions, etc. Nonetheless, a thorough investigation is required to know the structural behavior of the silo under seismic loading for proper design and improved performance. The aim of this study is to know the displacement of the silo along X-direction by changing column height.

Linear dynamic analysis is done using software package SAP2000 as per IS 1893(Part I):2002. The Indian Standard “IS: 4995 (Part-I)-1974” is preferably used to assess the silo for angle of internal friction and bulk density of various materials stored in. Badly designed silos have buckled and unexpectedly collapsed due to earthquakes.

The sectional dimensions of the columns & beams shall be adequate to support heavy forces and total mass of the silo. In this study work models are considered with the different heights of the column keeping the H/D ratio of the cylinder constant and the analysis is carried out.


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