Recycling of Municipal Waste machine for Smart city Dahod

  • Kiran Bhabhor
  • Ronald J. Dabhi
  • Rajkumar D. Vishwakarma
Keywords: Municipal waste, waste recycling, management.


A developed and under developing countries across the world produces a tons of waste due to increasing their population and living standards the consumption of goods and resources increased. It is necessary for protect the environment and future generation life to manage and recycling of the waste by essential waste management industry. In past waste management system was stored and transporting to a disposal site for a long time but it was impact to the environment and human health. Present paper describes the technique for development in house hold waste disposal in Dahod.  The technique not only use to separate PVC but also develop composites by biological methods which is use for agriculture composits.  The systems is easily operate, manage and to provide pollution free environment for Dahod.


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