Sensible Cooling with combine effect of Peltier and Indirect Cooling

  • Khilan Panchal
  • Nitin Nathani
  • Husain Noorbhai
  • Heet Parikh
  • L.S. Patel
Keywords: Humidity, Heating & Cooling, Temperature, Peltier, Indirect Cooling


Air Cooler is one of the appliances that keeping the atmosphere cold. The basic concept of water cooling is to find a medium that can handle and transport heat more efficiently than air. Water has a very good ability to retain heat, in the mean time stay in a liquid form. The climatic conditions affect the cooling capacity of air coolers. It is necessary to supply water continuously to the evaporative air coolers. These may affect the health of people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems. Our project aims to investigate the air cooler problems and propose the solution for it.


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