Design and Simulation of Composite CNG Cylinder

  • Keyur Surati
  • Sandip G. Patel
Keywords: Composite, cylinder, FEA


It has been observed that nownecessity is being raised about risk-free working ofcompressed natural gas (CNG) cylindersunder unfavorable conditions; the boundaries should be anticipated under which these CNG cylinders continue to perform without defect.This work investigates the behavior under burst pressure of a CNG cylinder liner. This liner was produce with a polymer blend of 5wt% of HDPE and 95wt% LLDPE such as carbon/epoxy, glass/epoxy etc. If all these composite-gas cylinders are utilized; itminimizes the fuel consumption at a cost of lessweight of the vehicle. In the present investigation with above mentioned polymer blend composite CNG cylinder modeling and analysis have been done in ABAQUS. Further, in conclusion the critical parameters are also validated. In addition the two different materials viz. glass/epoxy and graphite/epoxy have been used separately inhelical and hoop filament windings and at later stage also incorporated during modeling, as outer reinforced layers of all composite gas cylinders which haveconsiderably increased thus  all composite gas cylinderscan bear more pressure with the involvement of graphite fibers. Contour diagram of stress and deformation under operating pressure, hydro test pressure and burst pressure results have been interpreted and validated.As the innermost layer serves penetration barrier to the gas so that liner material selection should be done with proper reason.


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