A Review on Performance Analyses of Evacuated Tube Solar Air Collector

  • Mahamadsahil Ghanchi
  • Kirankumar Bhabhor
Keywords: evacuated tube collector, working medium, heat exchanger


Today non-renewable energy sources is not sufficient for long run and environment friendlyso we need to think about broad area of  new energy resources. Today renewable energy is easy option to change present scenario,many type renewable energy is available on the earth and solar is one of them, by using solar heat in convert the solar energy to another energy with the help of solar collector. In this paper to review a types of evacuated tube type collectors and its performance. Evacuated tube collector is one type collector in which  working medium of solution is used for heating air. In operation of ETC when solar radiation is incident on ETC tube it will absorb solar energy and heated the recirculated  mediumin the tube will be heated the air which is utilized for many processes applications.


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