Review of Piezo Resistivity effect of Carbon Nano Tube for potential use as sensor

  • Siddharth Shah
  • Darshan Parmar
  • Smit Kacha
Keywords: Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes, Piezoresistance, Concrete.


This paper analysis the new important advancement in the area of greatly sensitive strain sensors made from CNT and concentrates the piezoresistive property of the CNT/concrete composite to investigate its feasibleness as an inserted stress sensor for common structures, for example, roads, buildings and bridges. The piezoresistive effect for any material is a change in the electrical resistivity of that material when mechanical strain is given. The mechanical/electrical and piezoresistance properties of multi walled nanotubes are studied in deep. This paper surveys the ongoing significant advancements in the area of profoundly delicate strain detectors produced using CNT/polymer nanocomposites. Great concern has produced in constructing exceptionally sensitive strain detectors with these unique nanocomposites.The piezoresistive reactions of the composite with various CNT


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