An Experimental Study on Self-Healing Concrete Using Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria

  • Ramij Raja Momin
  • M.D. Raghib Adil
  • Mohsin Jamal
Keywords: Bacterial Concrete, Self-healing, Bacillus Subtilis Bacteria


Crack in concrete is a common occurrence, due to relatively low tensile strength. Proper and immediate treatment should be done in order to prevent expansion of cracks which may eventually be of higher cost. There are varieties of traditional repair systems for crack repairing one of them is bacterial concrete. Bacterial concrete actually calcium carbonate producing mechanism. It has been proposed environmental friendly crack repairing techniques as an alternative. It is expected more development of this techniques for the crack free concrete. In wet weather it can be used where corrosion of reinforcement affects the permeability, durability and strength of concrete. This study is an attempt to define self-healing. Concrete cubes have been casted for three dosages of bacterial solution as 60ml, 75ml & 90ml per cube. In this study it has been observed that the compressive strength of the bacterial concrete has increased slightly as compared to conventional concrete. The best performance in compressive strength has been observed for 75 ml dose and best self-healing has been observed for 90 ml dose of bacterial solution (per cube) in bacterial concrete.


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