Structural and Model Analysis of Punching Press Flywheel using Finite Element Approach

  • Sandip Patel
  • Vishal Mehta
  • Sachin Patel
  • Keyur Surati
Keywords: Flywheel, Finite element analysis (FEA), Energy storing capacity, Model analysis.


Flywheel is basically a mechanical energy storing device, which helps to reduce the power capacity of prime movers like electric motor or engine. This work is focused on the analytical design and finite element analysis of different types of flywheels (i.e. Web type, Modified web type, Elliptical arm type flywheel) used for punching press. Flywheel is subjected to various types of forces due to its inertia. So, various design parameters of flywheel havebeen taken into account for optimizing the design. Present investigation focusedmore on energy storing capacity and induced stresses of flywheel during a cycle of mechanical system. Subsequently, flywheel is designed &analyzed. Additionally, Model analysis of different type of flywheels was done for investigating the possible modes of failure.


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