Survey on Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

  • Roshni Bhandari
  • Vandan Khamkar
  • Sneh Mehta
Keywords: Cyber crime, Cyber security, Cyber ethics.


Cyber crime also called Computer crime is any crime that involves a computer and a network. As individuals and businesses increase their reliance on technology, they are exposed to the growing cybercrime threats. Using the computers for our day-to-day transactions is quite common now days. For example, we pay our life insurance premium, electricity bills, reserve flight or train or bus tickets, order book or any other product online using personal computer, smart phones, public browsing centers etc. The number of users doing online transactions are growing rapidly ever since, because of the convenience it gives to the user to transact business without being physically present in the area where the transaction happens. Criminals committing cybercrime are also growing day-by-day with the increased number of users doing online transactions. Cybercrime covers a wide range of different attacks such as Cyber extortion, Cyber warfare, spreading Computer viruses or Malware, Internet fraud, Spamming, Phishing, carding (fraud), child pornography and intellectual property rights violation etc. Because of increased cyber-attacks these days, the online users must be aware of this kind of attacks and need to caution while doing online transactions. This article all show how to prevent those attacks, laws created by government for cyber security and it also provides cyber ethics that one should follow along with a case.


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