Ubiquitous computing Data Security-A literature Survey

  • Yagnik Rathod
  • Chetan Kotwal
Keywords: Cloud computing, cloud security, access control in cloud


Modern Era is having advance high level computing power with enhancement of Information Communications Technology (ICT) within last few decades. Such advancement makes computing utility most important and basic utility for human kind among all basic and necessary utilities. For routine human kind activities and for requirements of current world which is based on ICT, computing utility becomes primary needs. Computing utility in current era needs to be vision as fundament service as and when needed like all other utilities of humankind. To express this vision, many different ideas have been suggested in various literatures and most popular and accepted and admired model of computing is Cloud computing.ICT and computing power in synchronization with cloud computing can be utilize to create Smart Power Grids like concepts. Access to data and utility from anywhere as and when needed comes with many security threats. Threats can be from legitimate and illegitimate users and system must be safeguarded from all. In this paper, we tried to explain Cloud computing and how to make it possible to realize cloud and various access control mechanisms for securing cloud access.


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