Study on Open Ground Storey Setback building under Earthquake Loading

  • Jayant Shaligram
  • K.B. Parikh
Keywords: Open ground storey (OGS), Setback building, plan irregularity, ETABS, nonlinear time history analysis, pushover analysis


Ground storey is kept open to accommodate parking facility. Which has been proven highly vulnerable during earthquake from past earthquakes such as Bhuj (2001). When building possess vertical mass irregularity, there may be devastating effect on building. The study mainly focuses on performance of open ground multi-storey setback building and mitigation of failure caused by soft storey effect. In this review paper behavior of various open ground storey buildings using Linear and nonlinear method such as Equivalent static force method, Response spectrum method, time history analysis and Pushover analysis is discussed. Based on literature review, an attempt has made to find effective ways to mitigate the failure caused by stiffness irregularity, Vertical mass irregularity and plan irregularity.


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