Development of IL&FS Toll Plaza at Vadodara - Halol Highway

  • Ronak Bamania
  • Rutu J. Doshi
Keywords: Lane Width, Piezoelectric Plates, Electronic Toll Collection, Less Time Consuming.


Now a days the traffic is increased in the toll plaza and more time is consumed on the toll by traveler which leads to delay in the journey, keeping in mind about this situation we are planning to improve the collection system by using ELECTRONIC TOLL COLLECTION SYSTEM by which people can easily make the payment and very less time is consumed on toll, secondly huge amount of electricity is consumed by toll plaza so in order to get more electricity we have decided to install PIEZOELECTRIC PLATE which will generate electricity by the vehicles passing from the plate which will be installed inside the speed breaker, the weight of the vehicle will lead to compression of the plate inside the speed breaker and will generate electricity and these electricity will be used in running the toll plaza.



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