Progressive Collapse Analysis of RC Frame with Shear Wall using Non Linear Static Analysis

  • Aqib A Parmar
  • K.B. Parikh
  • Y.K. Tandel
Keywords: Progressive Collapse; High-Rise Frame Shear Wall Structure; Alternative Load Path Method.


Progressive collapse is said to occur in a structure, when the primary vertical element fails, which in turn cause failure in the adjoining structural elements and this results in further structural failure which eventually leads to partial or total collapse of structure. Due to extreme loading such as bomb explosion in a terrorist attack, gas explosions and huge impact of car in parking area and due to some natural calamity like tsunami leads to failure of primary vertical support. Different guidelines such as the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) addressed the structural progressive collapse due to the sudden loss of a main vertical support. The aim of this study is to analyse a reinforced concrete frame having shear wall. The building is designed using IS 456-2000 and IS-1893 (part-1):2002 considering zone-IV and response reduction factor as 5. A progressive collapse assessment according to the GSA guideline is carried out for a typical 14 storey reinforced concrete (RC) frame having shear wall. The investigated cases included the removal of a corner column, long side middle column and short side shear wall for the first storey of RC frame. A non linear stage construction option available in ETABs is used to assess the given frame for different loss of load carrying vertical element such as columns and shear wall. The hinge formation in RC frame reveals that there is no collapse of structure. The bending moment and displacement at the column or shear wall loss location was compared for different removal portion.



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