Evaluation of Response Reduction Factor of RC Elevated Water Tank with Braced Frame Staging Considering Soil Structure Interaction

  • Rajesh Prajapati
  • Y.K. Tandel
Keywords: Elevated water tank, soil structure interaction, bracing, Response reduction factor etc.


Distribution of water is done by water storage tank. Elevated water tanks are made to get higher pressure in distribution of network by gravity. In India, Intze circular, rectangular type water tank is very common. Water tank with framed staging is designed by current practice doesn’t durable and efficient to resist lateral forces. This study focuses on performance of elevated water tank with in framed staging with and without soil flexibility. The aim of the study is to evaluate response reduction factor for elevated water tank considering soil structure interaction for different type of soil and it compare with fixed base. The elevated water tank is analyzed by nonlinear static pushover analysis in SAP2000 software.


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