FEM study on performance of a single Granular Anchor Pile (GAP) and Concrete Pile in soft clay

  • jerin joseph


Expansive soft soils are considered as one of the most problematic soil due to their large volume change and settlement behavior. Such volume changes when it comes in contact with water leads to the problem of stability of structure and cracks are developed on the structures founded on such soils. The implementation of Granular piles is a major ground improvement technique used in field to improve bearing capacity and lowering the settlements of soft clay layers. On the other hand the granular piles are unable to resist the tensile uplift forces acting on foundation by the expansive soils. Presently the most widely used technique for resisting uplift of foundation are concrete piles. Granular Anchor Pile (GAP) is a new promising foundation technique to increase the pullout resistance behavior of foundations founded on the soft expansive soils. This paper presents the results of a study that is carried out to compare the pull-out characteristics of a single Granular Anchor Pile (GAP) and concrete pile in soft clay using the finite element package PLAXIS 3D software. The results clearly indicate that the uplift capacity of GAP is more than concrete pile, and according to the parameters the uplift capacities increases with increase in their length (L) and diameter (D).