Innovation in Concrete by Effective utilization of by-product in concrete

  • Pritesh Rathod
  • Kajal Mistry
  • Ratnani Manisha


Concrete is a combination material of coarse aggregate,fine aggregate joined with a cement and  strengthens, Aggregate composed through cement and water the blend forms a slurry that is simply dispensed and shaped, The cement reacts  with the water and  ingredients of concrete to system a hard mix and  binds the material together in to a strong s material that as many uses in industry. Alccofine  1200 is a series of mineral admixture for concrete. It progresses towards parameters of concrete in damp and tough stage. Metakaolin is a form of the kaolinite. An trial work carried out to partially replace of the cement by Alccofine and Metakaoline with different percentages in concrete and scrutinize effects on mechanical properties of the concrete.